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Artists’ Talk Goh UOZUMI, Open Salon Events

  • date: Sep 22, 2016. 2:00pm–
  • more info - Website
  • language - Japanese

ICCで開催する,展示にまつわるトークイベントです.Goh Uozumiと,ゲストに斉藤賢爾さん(慶應義塾大学SFC研究所 上席所員),サンソン・シルヴァン(アンスティチュ・フランセ東京 文化プログラム主任)を招き,司会に畠中実(ICC)さんの構成でイベント行います.

Podcast: Interviews of Exhibiting artists

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  • language - Japanese


Open Space 2016: Media Conscious

  • date: May 28 ~ Sep 25, 2016
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Exibition at Ntt Intercommunication Center[ICC], Tokyo. Two new works, New Order/Siren Call? and 空の国家-State of Empty, will be exhibited.


Exibition at Friche-la-Belle-de-Mai in Mrseiile, with the first version of Trustless Trust/Mk.God.

NICE TO MEET YOU -Meet the artist and presentation of work

  • date: Oct 30, 2015
  • more info - Website

Recture at ZINC in Marseille, France.

/ The 37th annual meeting of the molecular biology society of japan


/ Materializing II - Between Information and Materiality

展覧会,マテリアライジング展Ⅱ 情報と物質とそのあいだに,metaPhorestのメンバーとして参加します.

Artly / Pre Opening


文化庁メディア芸術祭 山梨展
/ Japan Media Art Festival in Yamanashi

  • date: Jan 13 ~ 20, 2013
  • more info information - Website

F - void sample を出品します.

OBSEVER N - solo-exhibition

  • date: Aug 25 ~ Oct 28, 2012
  • space: YCAM -yamaguchi / map
  • project site - link , exhibition site (en - link

新作 observer n の展示です.08年から続くプロジェクトの新展開で,YCAMでの大規模な個展になります.関連展示も行います.

Art Critique -no.2

  • date: 2012
  • more info information - Website

-Title: 情報と物質のはざまに――未来へのリズム/アルゴリズム
-Contents: /情報と物質のリズム・アルゴリズム /アーキテクチュアと表現 /リズムによる物質性/開かれの設計  /プロセスとしての記憶 /創作における連続性・非連続性 /建築とアートの作家性 /カオスと定形の往復  /墓――未来の他者へのコミュニケーション /言語の創発としてのアート /時代に応える表現と想像力  /形が現れる過程,あるいは協働としての同期 /詩のSNS構想と未来造形システム /編集者やキュレーターの創造性とその評価

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Goh Uozumi - Artist, Designer, Researcher

Perform creative activities integrating theories such as computation and networks. With algorithmic installations and live performances, Goh Uozumi has advocated the thought of using one’s behavior as an interface, and tries to reconsider creativity and achieve augmentation of reality in the network age. For Goh, each autonomous element of computer programs, devices and even participants are inhomogeneous subjects, and he incorporates their relationships into his works. He thus captures existing body, space, time as well as historical contexts in expressions of art as environmental information, not as the object to rely on, and constructs flexible systems.
His main projects and exhibitions include "New Order/Siren Call?" that visualizes cryptocurrency as the origin of new social order (2016, Ntt Inter Communication Center[ICC]), "空の国家 -State of Empty" that simulates states/nations by artificial intelligence (2016,ICC), "Trustless Trust/Mk.God" that generates memories of future artificial systems (2015,Zinc/SecondNature), “OBSERVER N” that extends theory-of-life reality by decentralized autonomous system (2012, Solo Show, YCAM: The Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media) and “F” that goes across void and perception (2010, Solo, ASK?P).

主なプロジェクトや展覧会に,暗号通貨を可視化する"New Order/Siren Call?" (2016, Ntt Inter Communication Center[ICC]),人工知能で国家をつくる"空の国家 -State of Empty"(2016,ICC),未来の人工システムの記憶を描く"Trustless Trust/Mk.God"(2015,Zinc/SecondNature), 生命論的リアリティを拡張する自律分散ネットワークシステム"OBSERVER N"(2012年/個展/YCAM),知覚とVoidを横断する"F"(2010年/個展/ASK? P)などがある.

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