About Goh

Goh Uozumi is an artist working in the field of Art & Technology. 

He aims to intervene in historical paradigm shift by art, and creates works/systems by algorithm based methodologies with taking other intelligence/existence than human beings into consideration.

Since 2014, he works on the establishment of TRUSTLESS which means to entrust trust/belief to the algorithm technically, as an artistic concept. It is an axis of the automation movements such as intelligence, contract, labor, and trust.

His installations for that, 'New Order/Siren Call?' that visualizes existence of cryptocurrency as the origin of the new order and '空の国家 -State of Empty' that builds nation-state by artificial intelligence were exhibited at NTT-InterCommunicationCenter in 2016, also 'Trustless Trust/Mk.God' that evokes memories of future artificial systems was awarded the DigitalChoc 2015 by Institut Francais etc.

The concept and interpretation about them has been published in one of the most important journals of philosophy and art in Japan, Bijutsu-Techo (Dec 2018) and Gendai-Shiso (Jan 2017).

Also he established 'Whole Museums', a public benefit and non-profit organization for developing next-generation museum protocols by cryptocurrency, blockchain, and distributed web technology, in 2017.

Before that, his basic installations, 'OBSERVER N' that extends theory-of-life reality by decentralized autonomous network system was exhibited at YCAM in 2012, and 'F - void sample' that goes across the void and perception was awarded the JapanMediaArtFestival 2009.


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