Goh Uozumi

New Order / Siren Call? (new!)

  • 2018, the second version = cyrptocurrnecy, hongkong-dollar, pigment print on paper&transparent-film,lcd,speaker,computer, internet
  • 2016~, the first version = cyrptocurrnecy, japanese-yen, pigment print on paper&transparent-film,lcd,projector,speaker,computer, internet

"New Order / Siren Call?" visualizes existence of cryptocurrency as an origin of new order.
The cryptocurrency is a new electronic currency based on cryptography and distributed network technology that is typified by Bitcoin and Blockchain; and the visualization of existence means to show everything that exists, including its structure, history, future, and thought. This work does not have a fixed form. And various symbolic pieces in cryptocurrency-worlds, that compressed perceptually, are added each time.

I regard cryptocurrency as one of the movement of automation such as Artificial Intelligence. Human beings are automating intelligence, labor, contracts and money.
The cryptocurrency symbolizes the automation of Trust, and I call that "TRUSTLESS".
TRUSTLESS is a new property that humans acquired for the first time in history. It has the possibility to shift the human society and species system to the next phase by entrusting the trust as natural property to algorithm. And instead, we have to consider the meaning what the algorithm acquires the natural property.

Already, this new technology is changing the economic ecosystem rapidly, then our society will get the new order by the autonomous and decentralized/distributed information system. Symbolizing and calling this inorganic and complicated resource management protocol as "Coin" indicates humans characteristics and limitations.
Can we understand the essence of this attractive force like the Siren's voice? Sweet and dangerous. It may be that we are being dragged into somewhere by someone/something.

This work consists of various pieces distributedly. Please try to connect each piece and to think it as a network.

Calling Coins

On the three LCDs, all cryptocurrencies and that denominations are called with machine's voice. Such as Bitcoin is BTC.
And These cheap symbols designed by individuals and amateurs represent the paradigm shift of issuing currency. Your can issue your own currency.

Strange Position

The showcase of physical Bitcoin and Hong Kong Dollar with price tags which include Tax. It is for comparing the positions in the society. Cryptocurrency is a currency, but the position is like a product.
However, it is also changing with the times. The meaning of this showcase will gradually change.
And scanning the QR code, symbolic things will appear that a thing that was bought first with Bitcoin, and an organization that defined the cryptocurrency as not real currency.

A Coin

I issued my cryptocurrency as an art piece with blockchain, and distributed it to audiences with free.
*now I'm developing the distributeion app, please give me some time.

Virtual Virtual Coins

These are virtual virtual coins(=sign of currency) were generated by Artificial Intelligence which learned existing all cryptocurrencies or legal-currencies. The generated images are like brain scan, that the thinking process of Artificial Intelligence. From that images, he picked up only uncertain patterns as future coins.

Under The Moire

If we did not call it "Coin", the cryptocurrency would not gain such a strong power in our societies.


The mining algorithm of Bitcoin, called Proof of Work, is materialized as a puzzle and printed on the transparent films.

The Origin

What did it start from?
The origin of COIN is ICON.

And the cryptocurrency began with this news paper. It is embedded in the genesis block of Bitcoin's Blockchain by Satoshi Nakamoto.


To establish the concept, TRUSTLESS, I contributed a deep discussion to Japanese main philosophical magazine. It is written about this work, the basic explanation of the cryptocurrency, its origins and cultural background, thought of TRUSTLESS and so on. It is very interesting so please get it if you can read Japanese.

- Goh Uozumi, “Bitcoin and Blockchain”, Contemporary Philosophy(Gendai-Shiso), Jan 2017
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The first version was exhibited at ICC(NTT InterCommunicationCenter), the main media art center in Tokyo, in 2016.

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