New Order / Siren Call?

This work visualizes existence of cryptocurrency as the origin of the new order.

The cryptocurrency is a new electronic&programmable money based on cryptography and distributed network technology, typified by Bitcoin and Blockchain. And the visualization-of-existence means to show everything that exists, including its structure, history, future, and thought. This work doesn't have a fixed form and consists of symbolic pieces distributedly. 

the original version, 2016, cyrptocurrnecy, physical bitcoin&japanese-yen, framed prints, transparent-film, lcd, wall-screen, projector, speaker, computer, internet


Some prints of this work are purchasable at the following shop.
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The concept and background of this work are described in the following book, Gendai-Shiso Jan 2017.
The Book - detail

The original version was exhibited at ICC (=NTT InterCommunicationCenter) Tokyo in 2016, as a couple exhibition with "State of Empty".
The Exhibition

  • Exhibition: 
    2018, "IFVA - Award Finalist Exhibition", HongKong Art Center, HongKong
  • Exhibition:
    2016, "Media Conscious", NTT Inter Communication Center[ICC], Tokyo, Japan
  • Event:
    2016, "Artist Talk -New Arts, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Inteligence", with Kenji Saito and Samson Sylvain and Minoru Hatanaka, Ntt Inter Communication Center[ICC], Tokyo, Japan

Sections in the installation

Calling Coins

All cryptocurrencies and their denominations are called with machine's voice on the three LCDs(=ver2) or a big screen(=ver1). Such as Bitcoin is "BTC". These cheap symbols designed by individuals and amateurs represent the paradigm shift in issuing currency. 

Strange Position

The showcase compares strange positions of currencies in our society. Physical Bitcoin and JapaneseYen(=v1)/HongKongDollar(v2) are displayed with price tags including Tax.
Cryptocurrency hopes to be a currency, but the position is still like an asset or product. What does this mean?
And scanning QR code on the tags, symbolic things related with cryto will appear on visitor's mobile screen. Such as a thing was bought first with Bitcoin, and the organizations that defined the cryptocurrency as not real currency, etc.


I issued a cryptocurrency as an art piece with blockchain, and distributed it to the visitors with free.
The name of this coin, A COIN, is an abbreviation of "It's just a coin". It has no value or role. But it has a protocol of currency, and it is the most essential.

Virtual Virtual Coins

"Virtual Virtual Coins" is a series of pieces generated by artificial intelligence which was learned all existing cryptocurrencies and legal-currencies.
The generated images like brain scan are thinking processes of the AI. From them, I picked up only uncertain patterns as future coins.

The tacit understanding that currency should be issued by humans is not due to the mechanism but by limitations of humans and society.

Take a step back and look at our low-level conflicts. In Japan, this propaganda word by the centralized authorities, "Virtual Currency==仮想 通貨", is often used in the news media. This makes a wrong impression which "real currency exists", but all currencies are virtual from the beginning.

I introduced this strange situation as one of the inspirations into my work, then generated Virtual Currency really from "Virtual Currency" they say.

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Finding Number

The mining algorithm of Bitcoin, called Proof of Work, is materialized as a number puzzle and printed on the transparent films. (ver.1

The Origin

What did it start from?
The origin of COIN is ICON.

And the cryptocurrency began with this news paper. It is embedded in the genesis block of Bitcoin's Blockchain by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Under The Moire

12 Devices

Twelve small devices generate data of cryptocurrencies which are in circulation now on markets. (Each of the devices consists of raspberry pi, LCD, speaker and wifi network. )
Anybody can get/buy these cryptocurrencies, but these are mostly valueless and fraudulent.

On the devices, visually uncertain text which the naked eye can barely read is showed with hiding in moire. The contents are critical matters related to crypto-culture which there are behind cryptocurrency. For example, a cypherpunk's manifesto flows through 12 devices. Also, Genesis Block which was made as the first block by Satoshi, scientific papers of cryptocurrency and PGP which is a starting point of crypto-movement, are showed on each of moires.