Goh's works are now on sale at the following shops. 
*overseas shipping available

ARTLy - BTC-denominated Shop

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This is Goh's main online shop which deals his limited edition pieces. The items in the shop are the original pieces that Goh creates and ships directly, and are attached the certificate and signature by him. 
The shop sets the price in BTC, and accepts cryptocurrency payments. About the statement and background are here. (And recently, the shop has accepted the Fiat currency payments such as USD and more via CreditCard and Paypal.)

It is a great time to collect the pieces now.
Also art collectors may be eligible for tax incentives. Please check out the BTC rate and the tax system in your country.

Goods & Apparel in JP

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Goods such as phone cases.

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Apparel such as print t-shirts.
The both shops are made-to-order and are shipped to you directly from a factory in Japan after ordering.


Closed Open Edition Prints

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This shop deals in open edition prints.
The prints are made-to-order and are shipped to you directly from a factory in Japan after ordering.


Closed In the USA

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The ship is in preparation. I will add the open edition prints like the JP shop above when I have free time, but it takes time maybe. (Also, could you please tell me if you know a better shop-service in USA&EU than this.