空の国家 - State of Empty

2016, AI on computer, glass-screen, wall-screen, lcd, projector, speaker

This work builds a state like nation-state/sovereign-country by artificial intelligence. Various elements of the state such as people, language, and constitution, are artificially generated by computer programs such as deep-learning.


The first version was exhibited at ICC(NTT InterCommunicationCenter) Tokyo in 2016, as a couple exhibition with "New Order/Siren Call?".
The Exhibition

The concept and background of this work are described in the following book, Gendai-Shiso Jan 2017.
The Book - detail

  • Exhibition: 
    2016, "Media Conscious", NTT Inter Communication Center[ICC], Tokyo, Japan
  • Event:
    2016, "Artist Talk -New Arts, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Inteligence", with Kenji Saito and Samson Sylvain and Minoru Hatanaka, Ntt Inter Communication Center[ICC], Tokyo, Japan