Virtual Virtual Coins

Virtual Virtual Coins is a series of pieces generated by artificial intelligence which was learned all existing cryptocurrencies and legal-currencies, and it is a part of his project, NewOrder/SirenCall?.
It consists of broken signs of currency=uncertain patterns as future coins, that were picked up from large quantity generated images by him.

The word, “Virtual Currency==仮想 通貨”, is often used in the news media and became a legal term in Japan. But the word is just a mistake because it makes an impression that “Real Currency exists” even though the all currencies are virtual from the beginning. And this word was defined by central banks and national governments, and it is propaganda to cause fictitious conflict which “The existing legal currency is the Real Currency==Right Currency” but “The others are not Real even if they function as currency”.
He introduced this strange situation as one of the inspirations, then really generated “Virtual Currency” from “Virtual Currency they say”.

Virtual Virtual Coins are purchasable at the following online shop.

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In addition, there is a tacit understanding that currency is issued by human being, but is it appropriate in this case? Cryptocurrency operates trust as the base of currency by algorithm which is the decentralized consensus technology for Trustless without human central administration. It is adaptable to situations beyond human limits.

Already, the operations of legal currency, that means the main amount of the transactions, are high speed trading between computers. That is faster than human nerve speed. The currency itself will adapt to that situation from low level of the system. In that future, the meaning of currency/money will change.
*HFT(high frequency trading) is exceeding limit. It is coped with the speed as an extension of existing finance system by FPGA. However, in the process of micro sec unit, the human can’t cope with accidents because the speed is too high, then the system is at risk for collapse and stampede. 
*In this age, it’s wrong that an understanding which the currency is just a tool and merchandise which are controlled by human. The mechanism of capitalism strengthens power of domination of currency with positive feedback, and it becomes independent of human control. It is already functioning as a thing for controlling the human rather than a thing which is controlled by the human.

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